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Richmond Events UK Business Panel Research - Social Media

The latest Richmond Events' business panel report on social media is now available. Please read on for headline findings and to download the full report.

Headline findings


·         Despite the ever increasing fixation with social media throughout business these days, over one third of the panel say they do not currently spend any budget on it.

·         Over half the panel are likely to increase their spend on social media, 43% moderately and 10% drastically.

·         LinkedIn is by far the most popular social media platform for personal use (in their role) with 69% of the panel using it.  The corresponding figure for organisations is 70%. 

·         Facebook and Twitter are the 2 leading social media platforms for organisations with 76% and 70% respectively using them.  They are followed by YouTube, 54%, and blogs, 37%.

·         LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube are viewed as the most effective social media channels.

·         The most popular areas for employing social media within organisations are brand promotion and customer engagement.  These are followed by PR & communications.

·         In over ½ of organisations the marketing department is responsible for social media content.

·         Organisations report on average 7.8% of their employees use social media as part of their role.

·         Somewhat surprisingly, out of everyone using social media only 8% are confidently measuring it in terms of the ROI it provides!

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